Our Story


Ross Liberty founded Factory Pipe in his parent’s Southern California garage some 45 years ago as a provider of low-quantity, stamped, two-stroke exhaust systems for the aftermarket motocross market. He used the steering pump from his ’63 Chevy Impala as a power supply to drive a homemade hydraulic press–turn the steering wheel left to close the press, turn the steering wheel right to open the press, turn the car off, jump out, put another blank in the press, repeat. He used hand tin snips as a “blanking die” and his mother’s dutch-oven to melt old pistons to make his own brand of poured tooling, and his first stamped parts were born. This notion of inexpensive and quick yet accurate tooling proved to be exactly what the low-volume, powersports aftermarket exhaust industry needed and orders poured in, instantly overwhelming Ross’ tinsnips and forearms.From that day forward, Factory Pipe, LLC has enjoyed consistent, organic, profitable growth with zero debt, even while expanding into our current 140,000 square-foot facility. Factory Pipe, LLC has grown to be a full-service provider of fabricated exhaust systems and stampings for several OEMs as well as our own line of high-performance Personal Water Craft (PWC) exhaust systems, while continuing to serve our aftermarket motocross customers.

Current State

Factory Pipe’s specialty is providing prototype, low-volume or medium-volume production deep-draw stampings and exhaust systems with short lead times. Short lead times are core to our mission and a guiding company principle. Being first to market is essential to the success of those in the motorsports industry. For our customers to be responsive to market demands, we must always provide short lead times.

Going Forward

Factory Pipe’s exponential growth, strong balance sheet, and high employee tenure strongly vindicate our mission and vision. As the world moves away from high volume, low mix and “any color you want so long as it is black” and toward high mix, low volume and mass customization, Factory Pipe, LLC and the business model that drives us will thrive. Our creative, unconventional thinking will prevail over doing things the way they’ve always been done as we provide product knowledge, design expertise, and an avenue for our customers to deliver relevant and profitable products to the market.